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  • Membership Management V2 Coming Soon!


    We are happy to announce the V2 of our membership management backend that is soon to be released. A lot of improvements are being implemented.

    Here are some of the things you can expect to find in the latest release of our membership management: Wider Calendar View, Integrated FAQ, Announcements, Help ticket, utilization of more space for extra reporting, in-dash note taking or todo list creator, membership card creator, day pass and checkin pass validator.

    Here is a snapshot of our new login area:


  • Classes Sample


  • Our Gym Directory


    Fitsoft Gym Directory

    Our Local Gym Directory

    We have made it really easy for you to add your gyms. You can also start showing off your memberships on our directory page to new members. Yup! They can also sign up too. Another channel to sell your membership plus you can share and promote it like crazy on other websites. You can join here Directory Listing for Gym Owners

    Try out our tools located in your account. More features will be added soon. Thanks everyone who has signed up and your support!

  • Premium Website Design


    Fitsoft Pick a Template

    Choose a premium fitness template designed with your business in mind. Each website is built to give you control of your brand online. Pick the template that fits your business. Upload your logo, schedule classes, and start accepting payments online today!

  • Technical Support


    Hassle-free technical and content support from Fitsoft Support Team. You’ll never have to worry again with an experienced team on your side. Need to update classes, change banners, edit information on your site? We can handle it for you!

  • Lifetime Updates


    With a managed solution you do not ever have to worry about an outdated site again. Always be current with free updates to your system.

  • Fitness-on-the-Go


    Mobile solution taking your facility and memberships with you. If your business can fit in the palm of your hand, then you can do much more on the go than possible before. Scan members in for class sessions anywhere you want. Perfect for bootcamps and off-site classes.

  • Staff Scheduling


    Fitsoft Staff Management

    Assign staff schedules and delegate different roles to employees. Have your staff take accountability and management of their responsibilities. Print out work schedules and organize your business.

  • Instructor Scheduling


    Permanent instructor, part-time instructor, or even guest instructor. We give you the flexibility to add instructors and schedule them to each class. Plan ahead and structure your classes before they even start.

  • Membership Management


    Fitsoft Member Management

    Build multiple membership types and offer to current and prospective new members. Watch your customer base grow! Fitsoft’s powerful membership management module gives you full control on membership profiles and payment status.



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