Adding a virtual class

Adding a virtual class

When you have already set up your virtual meeting with any 3rd party application you can include it into the class schedule’s virtual meeting option. Make sure the virtual meeting is recurring for each day and covers the time-frame of your class schedule.

1.) Log into the backend system. Go to your class scheduling:


2.) Click on a class schedule. The class schedule information will open with the virtual class setting:

virtual class settings

3.) Once that is added, member can go into the member area to find the meeting info under the classes they have signed up for:


4.) Add/update the meeting’s join URL in the class schedule info area to customize the outbound join link. For Zoom it will look like this when a member click on the Zoom’s join url:


Zoom join

5.) Update the email notification in the notification manager to include the virtual meeting’s info whenever a member books a class:



Special shortcodes to include in your enrollment email:


This whole meeting info can be included in this shortcut: [VIRTUAL_MEETING_INFO]

*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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