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New! Backend Class Enrollment w/ Barcode Scanning Support


Barcode scanning has a new scanning path which uses your class schedule’s calendar for a quicker scanning and class enrollment/booking process.  You can find the added calendar page from your usually scanning page. Below is the scanning page with the calendar icon. Click on the icon to open the calendar page.


It will open a calendar along with the class schedules and the enrollment numbers.



Click on one of the class schedules to open up the scanning page. Using your wedged QR scanner connected to a computer, you can start scanning members and retrieving their short info. There is a checkbox next to their name that you can select to start adding a member for the class. If  a membership does not include the class then you will see a icon (with the plus sign). You can click on this to start the sign up process to book this class.


Click on the ‘Enrollments’ tab to view who has enrolled into this class for the selected day.


* Note, we are adding in an optional detailed view when scanning.


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