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These are short and concise questions and answers that you may have. If you want to learn more please sign up for our solution to learn more about it.

Where do I go to sign up as a business?

1.) You should first search the directory to see if your business is listed before listing your business to avoid duplicates which can make it difficult and confusing for you to manage your listing.

2.) If there is no entry made for your business listing you can list your business here: . We will contact you to to verify your information.

Where do I sign up as a member?

1.) You can find the member sign up here:

Are there any charges using Fitsoft?

Fitsoft is free to use but we do make money off of each transactions as a convenient fee. Our goal is to create a low-cost solution without the upfront cost. Here is a break down of the fee that is associated with Fitsoft:

Fitsoft Service Fee: For every class you sell using Fitsoft , we charge $0.99 plus 2% per transaction to your member. This fee will be added to the checkout (paid by your member). This allows us to maintain and host your site for free. Credit Card Processing Fee: You only get charged when you make money. Fitsoft’s credit card processing partner charges a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction to your total class value (paid by you).

How do I get my money for each program sold?

You can get your earnings directly with Stripe. Stripe is a separate company that works with our solution and it is an international company that operates in 17 different countries. You deal directly with your client on this and we do not hold or have access with your earnings. Your Stripe account can be created through our system when signing up for our website solution.

You earnings is deposited by Stripe directly into your bank account within 48 hours. You have full access to the accounting on Stripe.

When a customer checkout when is the charge made?

When a customer checks out on one of your listing it has to be verified that the card card that is given is valid. We run a scheduler to charge every hour in batch. If the card fails the customer membership will be marked invalid. *Note that we do not store credit card information on your customer. It is stored with the card card gateway company.

I want to list an event on your directory will the customer be active if they purchased the membership 30 minutes beforehand?

Please be advised that our system is optimized for only membership. Events are event driven under a specific timeframe. If you want to post events on our site you must have a cut-off time to accept credit cards by taking the event offline. We advise not to post events that are time sensitive on our site before our charges are made in batches at the meantime.

I want to sell the same class with different time how do I do that?

Memberships are what you are only listing up as transaction-able items. So if you want to have different memberships for a class you have to create a membership corresponding for the classes offered.

Here are some different scenario that you may fall under:
1.) Same class with different instructors (This is treated as different classes)

2.) Same class with the same instructor and different time-slots (This is treated a the same class)

You can create a membership that select the class. This is really important that you only select 1 class for 1 membership if you want to get it on our directory.

We are working on listing also membership listing. Right now it just list the classes with a 1-to-1 mapping to a corresponding membership.

My number has changed and I want to claim my business how do I go about doing this?

If your number has changed and it may become impossible for you to claim your business. The only way for you to do this is to to create a new business listing and submit it to us. We will contact you to verify the changes. Then we will mark the old listing at “Business information is not up to date.”

You can also find our FAQ for our solution here:


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