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Fitsoft Directory

All the perks and less the hassle. We will list out a few key benefits:

For members

1.) Search for businesses
2.) Sign up for programs.

For Businesses/organizers/professionals

1.) Easy claiming process for business listed.
2.) Manage your business information
3.) List your programs

Website Solution

Our Website Solution is the right way to power your business!

All the perks and less the hassle. We will list out a few key benefits:

1.) Get a website in a about two days. No more wait time. Get a preview website in the same hour.
2.) Start accepting money the very same day your website is up and running.
3.) Low-cost solution and low maintenance. You don’t host it, you don’t hire people to maintain it, there is no contract, and its fast. We got it!
4.) No monthly fee for merchant account
5.) No yearly fee for SSL
6.) No hosting fee
7.) Track who has paid and who are overdue
8.) Add a membership to a member and charge them in the future.
9.) New Modules are added every month. You get new features and new ways to sell to your customers.
10.) Updates are added to the system. You will never feel abandoned or outdated. Technology is moving ahead so why should you be stuck.
11.) Pick from a number of templates designs you like.
12.) You want to wedge your barcode scanner to our solution. It is supported.
13.) Please look at our spec for more…

Some more solutions coming soon…


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