Managing Invoices & Payments

Managing Invoices & Payments

A.) Managing Payment Profiles

Payment profile is made up of information pertaining to a membership and its terms regarding payments duration, tax, discounts, fees, and when to charge the member.

Each member that transacts using cash, credit cards, or your own defined form of payment will have a payment profile. Whenever an initial transaction is made from membership signup or class purchases through the system by the member a payment profile is created .

Every payment profile will have its transaction history for viewing and reconciliation.

Here are some links regarding Payment Profiles:


There are three different stages that a payment profile go through:

1.) Pending : No Charges has been made for the payment profile. It is still pending.
2.) Processing: There is at least 1 charge made on the payment profile.
3.) Processed: The payment profile has completed its job. There is no more payments made for this payment profile.

-Credit Card Payment Profiles:



***Note if you sign up a member using cash then the first transaction will automatically be successfully processed and thereafter are reminder transactions that you need to reconcile manually. This is because of the intrinsic nature of handling cash.

B.) Managing Payment History

Payment History is a list of transactions made through your account. There are two type of status for both credit cards and cash payments and these types are collected payments (“Success or Paid”) and uncollected payments (“Declined or Dues”). You can perform your account receivable through here. Keeping up with these will improve your cash flow each month.

-Credit Card Payment History:


-Cash/Fiat/Others Payment History:


C.) Access Past Dues:

You can find past dues for the month from the dashboard home page. It is basically the Payment History page with a date filtering of the start of the current month to the end of the month.

Past dues of current month: Current Month Past Dues

D.) Managing Invoices

Invoicing is more flexible when it comes to collecting payments. Here we added several options into the invoicing system to allow rewards, penalty, and split payments. Failed payments and dues can be converted to invoices and you can set these settings afterward.

The invoicing system allows you to create a custom invoice based on the services you have provided along with line items cost tallying.

Here are some helpful links:


-More Invoicing Topics


E.) Members Transaction

To view the member’s full transactions and upcoming transaction go to the members management page from your dashboard.

Here are some useful links:


F.) Sales Reporting

Sales reporting is the total sales made through your account.

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