Setting an invoice to allow split payments

Setting an invoice to allow split payments:

1.) Log into the backend system. Click on “Payments” -> “Invoice”:


2.) Cick on the second icon (pencil icon):


3.) The invoice edit page will open. In “Invoice info” scroll down until the section “Allow Partial Payments” and select “Yes”:


4.) The options for partial payment will appear.

Allow Split Payments: There 3 options here on how to split the payments.

Allow Custom Payment Amount: This is to allow the member to input in the payment amount.

Minimal Payment Amount: Set the minimal amount that a payment can be made when the member input in the payment amount.


5.) Here we select 3 payments:


6.) Click “Next” to save these changes:


7.) Click on “Preview” button to open up the invoice preview:


8.) The invoice preview is open.  Click on the credit card icon (second blue icon):


9.) The payment area will open. Select split into 3 payment radio box option on the left hand side:




*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at


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