Managing the Marketing System

Understanding the Marketing System

Marketing System

The marketing system allows administrator a quick tool to communicate with their member-base by setting up newsletters and weekly email reminders & marketing. This toolset has features such as adding subscribers, adding current member’s into a subscriber’s list, creating weekly marketing campaign.

First you need to set your sender’s email address through the back-end system:

A.) Setting up my Sender’s email address:

Sender’s email address is the email that will be doing the sending for all messages on your system.

1.) Log into the backend system. Click on “Settings” -> “Main Settings” :


2.) Cick on the “Notification” tab:


3.) Scroll down until you see “Email Setting” and then add in your email sender email address. Click “Add Emaill Address”. A verification process will begin to confirm that this is your email address.:


4.) An email is sent to your inbox and you need to click on the link below to confirm your sender’s email address:



5.) Once confirmation is finished, you will see that your email is “Email Verified”:


Now you are ready to start using the Marketing tool.

B.) Managing Subscribers:

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Marketing” -> “Manage Subscribers”:


2.) This is your subscriber’s page. It lists your subscribers for you to blast email campaign to:


3.) Here are some helpful tutorial links below:


B.) Newsletter Scheduling

1.) After getting familiar with adding subscribers and creating a list for subscribers. We can start scheduling newsletters to be sent out:

Go to “Marketing” -> “Newsletter”:


2.) This is your newsletter page. You can manage your newsletter here:


3.) Click on the scheduling button to schedule this newsletter:


4.) Set the scheduling to the time you want to blast this newsletter along with assigning¬† “Subscribers List”:


4.) If you want to see all your Newsletter’s scheduling go to “Marketing” – > “Newsletter Schedule Calendar” :


5.) Here is a calendar and it displays the month’s schedules for your newsletter:


6.) Click on it to edit the scheduling:



*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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