Importing Subscribers

Importing Subscribers

A.) Importing Subscribers

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Marketing” -> “Subscribers”:


2.) Click on the “Import Subscriber” button (the big orange button on the right hand side):


3.) It will open up a drag & drop import tool for excel or comma separated file (CSV) that allow importing.

*** Check your import file to include the information of”First Name” or  “Last Name”, and “Email”  (the heading titles are of no importance as long as there are some part of the subscriber’s name and the required email address in the excel file).



4.) Drag the excel file into the drag & drop box:


5.) If in the excel file has a header like in this excel file then we ignore the first line of the excel (the heading title line) by check marking “Ignore the first row of this excel file. The first row of this excel is the heading or title of the fields”.

Also confirm that we have permission to send out these email address to these recipients by check marking the second checkbox:


6.) The next page will ask you to assign some of the subscriber’s information. Select from the drop down which parts is the “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Email Address”:


7.) Click Next and we will see this page:


8.) Close the dialog page and we will see that the imported subscribers are listed below:




*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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