Working with Class Schedule

When scheduling your classes try to reuse the class that you have already added in the system. This helps minimize the task of adding in the same class. An example modeling for class schedule structure is below:

class-structure_smWorking with class schedules?

It is possible to add in different schedules for the same instructor and class. In the illustration above, we are using Yoga as the class type. From here we can also add in different instructors for this class type.

We will focus mainly on the “Classes” area found in your dashboard. Click on the “Classes” icon:

click on classes

We will see the class schedule’s calendar:


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Using the Class Scheduling Wizard
Editing a Class Schedule
Duplicating a Class Schedule
Deleting a Class Schedule
Add a New Schedule Using Current Classes & Instructors
Add an Instructor
Assigning Location to a Schedule


Starter: Class Schedule’s 3-step wizard (Go up ) :


Editing a class schedule (Go up ) :


Duplicating a Class Schedule (Go up ) :


Deleting a class schedule (Go up ) :


Using the scheduling form to delete a schedule (Go up ) :


Adding a new class schedule using the schedule form (Go up ) :


Adding an instructor (Go up ) :

Assigning a location to a schedule (Go up ) :


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