Member's Checkin App (iPhone & Android)


We have created a Gym Membership’s checkin app for both Android and iOS devices:



With this app, your member can check into your gym and pull up their active membership account on their phone. This is ideal for gym staff observing to see if the member is an active member and allowing member to check into the gym using their phones in an event they do not have their membership card.

To enable the mobile checkin for your gym you need to print out the your gym QR-Barcode. Each gym has a unique QR-Barcode that members can scan. The instruction to print out your gym’s QR-code is here: My Gym’s QR-Code.

On a mobile device that your member brings, they can open up the app, log into their account, and go to the “Scan Gym” functionality of their app.

select scanner

Once a successful scan is completed the result is displayed as:


***All successful checkin will display the green bar with the timer running; otherwise, the bar is red instead.

***Any checkin from the same member in one location that are in a hour from each checkin (exiting and entering member within a small timeframe) will be logged in the system as similiar checkins and will not be considered unique to be counted in the checkin tally for that day .

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