GagaClass - Reports Sales

GagaClass – Invoicing

1.) Go to your Dashboard and click on “Account Receivable”

GagaClass - Account Receivable 0


2.) Click on “Invoice” icon:

GagaClass - Invoice 1

3.) The invoice page will open three different phases of invoicing (Open, Closed, and Past Dues).

GagaClass - Invoice 2

4.) Expand one of the invoice to see more information about it.

GagaClass - Invoice 3


5.) Click on the first edit icon to edit it:

GagaClass - Invoice 4

6.) At the list of invoices, click on the action, eye icon (second icon) to view the invoice:

GagaClass - Invoice 5

7.) Go to “Past Dues”:


GagaClass - Invoice 6

8.) Expand one of the past due invoice:

GagaClass - Invoice 7


9.) Click on the eye icon to view the invoice:

GagaClass - Invoice 8

10.) Click on the credit card icon or cash icon to reconcile the invoice:

You can also click on the email icon to send an email reminder to the member the invoice.

GagaClass - Invoice 9

11.) Click on the edit pencil icon allows you to edit the invoice:

GagaClass - Invoice 10

There is partial payments for the invoice or split payments. Also optional reward or penalty settings for the invoice:

GagaClass - Invoice 11





*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at


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