Enrollment Fee Options and Line Items

Enrollment Fee Options and Line Items

You can now update your enrollment fee to include some line items such as material fees, uniform fees, equipment fees and other signup fees. There is an added option to have these enrollment fees to be charge once for every membership enrollment or charge once for only new members.

1.) Log into the backend system. Go to the membership listing and edit one of the membership. In your edit page, scroll down to line items below the “Enrollment Fee” title:


2) The line item management dialog will appear. Scroll down to the section where you can add in your line items. Add in your line items name and pricing:


3.) Once that is done, the enrollment fee’s line item listing will be populated. You can edit them anytime here too:


4.) In the same line item’s management dialog, scroll all the way down until you see “Enrollment Fee Charge option” :


There are two options and each behaves differently:

A.) “Whenever a member signs up” to charge a member for this enrollment fee whenever they sign up for this membership. You want to select this if you charge for uniforms or material fees at the beginning of the membership.

B.) “Once for new member” if you want to only want to charge NEW members ounce and when they are a member they will not be charge again if they sign up for this membership. This is usually an option for application processing fee or a general enrollment fee where a member is only charge once as a new member.

5.) Save your settings and close the line item’s dialog. Make sure you scroll down and update the membership to reflect the changes:


6.) Go to the frontend on your signup page. Select the membership you have just updated. Hover the mouse over the exclamation mark next to the enrollment fee to see its line items.


7.) Also hover the mouse over the adjusted total price to see its recurring pricing after the first charge.enrollment-fee-options-8

*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at customersuccess@fitsoft.com

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