Enable Auto-Enrollment on a Membership

Enable Auto-Enrollment on a Membership

A.) Enable Auto-Enrollment on a Membership

1.) Navigate to the “Manage Memberships” page by clicking on “Memberships” -> “Manage Memberships.”


2.) Click on the edit “Pencil” icon:


3.) It will open up the edit membership page. Scroll down classes and select the classes you wish to include in this package:


4.) For “Limit Class Enrollments” set this to the desire enrollment limit for the classes selected in this package.

In this example we set it to 10 (After the 10 enrollments has been hit, the member needs to purchase another membership package):


4.) For “Reset enrollment limit from ” select the option “Selected time-interval.”

Then below this, there is a drop-down for “Reset Limit Class Enrollment Time Interval.” Select “Every week” to reset this enrollment limit every week (beginning of the week). Now member who has this membership can book 10 class every week.


**If from “Reset enrollment limit from ” we select the option “Signup Date”  and select “Every Week” then the reset happens a week from the date of signup for every week and not the beginning of the week. Same rule applies to “Every 2 weeks”, “Every Month”, etc..

5.) Click on “On” for “Enable Auto-Enroll Member to Repeating Schedule “. This will enroll member automatically to their currently enrolled class for this type of membership (they can turn this on/off in their member’s dashboard).


*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at customersuccess@fitsoft.com

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