Creating a weekly class auto-enrollment membership

Creating a weekly class auto-enrollment membership

A.) Creating a weekly class auto-enrollment membership for two classes

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Memberships” -> “Manage Memberships.” A list of memberships page will open.

Click on the upper right hand icon that is a circular “+” sign.


2.) A page will open up where you can create a membership. Fill in the membership info. For this, one-time payment and set for 0 days meaning no expiration (we set the end date in later steps).


3.) Select the classes for members to be able to select. For this, we select two classes.


4.) Set the price.


5.) Leave the settings for everything else but set the “Limit Class Enrollment” to 2. That is the limit we allow the member to enroll in.


6.) Then set reset the enrollment limit from “Selected time-interval” and select “every week.” This means at the beginning of every week the 2 class enrollment limit is reset.

Set auto-enroll to on.


7.) Leave every other value as is and save it.

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