Creating a Seasonal Membership

Creating a Seasonal Membership

A.) Creating a Seasonal Membership

1.) If we click on the add button, circle plus “+” icon on the upper right hand side, from our “Manage Membership page”:


2.) Membership add page will open. Click on the “Advanced Membership” tab and select “One-time payment” for 0 days (unlimited so we declare its start & end date later) :


3.) For select a class. Select whichever class you want or leave it blank:


4.) Scroll down and for “Membership with specific Start/End Date?” click the “On” radio button.

The start date and end date will appear. Select the dates you want. In this we select the dates for winter.  For “Is these dates dependent on Year?” select the “Off” button to apply this membership for every year for December 21st t0 March 19th.

If you turn “Is these dates dependent on Year?” to “On” then it will check the year for start and end date.


5.) Close the dialog page to see the added seasonal membership for winter:




*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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