Check-in a member

Check-in a member

A.) Check-in a member

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Memberships” -> “Enrollment Calendar”:


2.) This will navigate to your enrollment calendar page with “Active Enrollments” switch on. If there is an enrollment then the class for that day is color coded. Click on one of them:


3.) A page with the list of members who are enrolled into that class for that day is opened:


3.) Click on the first icon, the check mark icon, on the right of the member:


4.) An confirmation alert is displayed confirming whether you want to check this member into the class. Click “Checkin this member”:


5.) Once we do that we will see the checkin timestamp along with the day we are check-in in the class for:


6.) If we look at the checkmark icon where is a tally of checkin from that member for that day too.

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