Wordpress Plugin Setup For a Location

A.) Prerequisites:

***Note this is a new WordPress site and not your super account you are setting a new location into.

  1. 1.) Fitsoft Plugin Account
  2. 2.) Stripe Credit Card Gateway Account
  3. 3.) Keep up with the latest WordPress Site Version

B.) Setting up your Membership Management Plugin:

1.) Download the “Gym & Studio Membership Management” Plugin and upload it to your WordPress:

Download Membership Management Plugin v1.0.8


2.) Go to -> Plugins -> Click on ‘Activate’ link


3.) Recall that you already set up this location with the credential while adding a location:


4.) On WordPress go to-> Settings -> Membership Management

5.) Copy and paste the username -> Email Address

6.) Copy and paste the password -> password


7.) Click on “Save Changes” button.

8.) Note that the password will not be saved. It is okay.

9.) Now go back to the “Membership Management” Page

10.) Go to “Membership Management” -> Click “Control Panel.” See the Options below to manage your memberships



11.) To add a portal for your member(s) to start using the system you can go to the editor on posts or pages and click on “Visual” tab to see the buttons .


12.) The first button, a trainer icon, is your class schedule.

13.) The second button, a calendar icon, is your class calendar displaying the whole class view.

14.) The third button, a lock icon, is the member login area for member to access their member’s area.

15.) The last button is the signup area.

16.) By Clicking on these buttons you can add calendar and class listings to your page

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