Unlinking a Location

Unlinking a Location

A.) Unlinking a Location

Linking is a href linking on one of the multi-site frontend module. The module lists all of your locations and allows the user to navigate between locations. Unlinking one of the location will disable the user from navigating to that location on the module (this module is only added to your account on request).

1.) Log into the backend system. Click on “Locations” :


2.) Click on a linked/unlinked chain icon:


3.) Confirm Action:



B.) From the dashboard

1.) The process is the same as above but we click on the side icon to open up a list of features. Click on “Locations”:


2.) Click on “Manage Locations”:


3.) Click on a linked/unlinked chain icon under “Action” header from list of locations:



*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at customersuccess@fitsoft.com

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