Scheduling a New Class

Scheduling a new class

A.) Creating a schedule for a new class

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Memberships” -> “Schedules.” This is the page that will open. A calendar that shows all your class schedules.

Click on “Create a Class” under “Scheduling Step-by-step.”


2.) A page will open up where you can create a class type.


3.) Fill our your class type information and click on “Save” and then click on “Next”:


4.) The next page is the instructor’s page. Fill out instructor info and click on “Save”.


5.) Click on Next:


6.) A class scheduling page will open up for this class type and instructor. This is where you create the scheduling for the class. Fill out the class information:


7.) Scroll down to “Member Class Booking Option.” You will see two options. The first option, “Book One Day of Class Schedule (Day Pass)”, is to allow this schedule to be a “Day Pass” and set the pricing for it. The second option, “Book Entire Class Schedule”, allows the user to pay for the entire class and the pricing set below this option.

There are sub-options for the second option: The first one is “Requires Member to Book Individual Classes of Schedule” that means that if the member pays for the full schedule they still need to reserve a class each day. The second sub-option is automatically book them into full schedule means that they are counted into every single classes on the calendar for this schedule.


8.) Scroll down and you will see the “Time Setting” and this info is the start and end date of the class including the selected days and time for the class. If you need to add in more than 1 time into the same day, you can do this after you saved the initial time for that day.


9.)Fill the information out and click save.


10.) Close the scheduling and you will see on the calendar that our scheduling is now populated. Click on the schedule that you just created.


11.) Now we see a Plus “+” icon. In order to use this and activate it on first usage, click on the update button to refresh the page.


12.) Now click on the “+” icon to add in more time for that day:


13.) A page will appear to add in more time for that particular day:


14.) Add in our time and press update:


15.) Close the “Add additional time” page to see the schedule updated with additional times for that day:


16.) If you scroll down further, you will see “Blackout dates.” You can also add blackout dates for this schedule. Blackout dates are dates or days that are closed dates or holidays that members can not book.


17.) Lets close this schedule and go to our left side navigation and click on “Memberships” -> “Enrollment Calendar.”


18.) This is a page that list all of the schedules. If there are enrollments then the schedule is color coded.


19.) Select a day of a schedule on the calendar. A page will appear where members can be added to the day for this schedule. Click on the user icon with a Plus “+” sign (upper right-hand side).


20.) A list of users will open for us to add to this class. If the user has a checkbox then their membership includes this class without extra charge. If it has a user icon with a Plus “+” sign then the user needs to pay for this class.


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