GagaClass - Members

GagaClass – Members


A.) Adding a Member


1.) Go to your Dashboard and click on “Members”:

GagaClass - Members 0


2.) Click on the “Add Member” icon:


GagaClass - Members 24

3.) Fill out the member info

GagaClass - Members 25


4.) Add in the member’s email and a password:

GagaClass - Members 26

5.) Save it

GagaClass - Members 27

B.) Managing Member

1.) Go to dashboard and click on “Members”

GagaClass - Members 0


2.) Click on “Manage Members”

GagaClass - Members 1

3.) The list of members page opens:

GagaClass - Members 2

4.) Click on a member to view member’s membership and enrollment info:

GagaClass - Members 11


5.) Checkin Tab: View the checkins of a member

GagaClass - Members 12

6.) Class Membership Tab: View the class membership (single class) associate with the member.

GagaClass - Members 13


7.) Membership Tab: View the advanced and custom memberships associated with the member.

GagaClass - Members 14

8.) Transactions Tab: View the transaction processed of member

GagaClass - Members 15

9.) Upcoming Payment Tab: View the upcoming payment pending. You can manage it also here by clicking on the “Amount” or “Due Date”.

GagaClass - Members 16

Click on the “Amount” or “Due Date” to edit the upcoming payment.

There are two options (General and Advanced Setting)

a.) General setting option. Update a single upcoming payment or all subsequent payments.

GagaClass - Members 22

b.) Advanced Setting option. Update remaining upcoming payment of the membership term.

GagaClass - Members 23

10.) Membership Dues: View past dues of member

GagaClass - Members 19

11.) Invoice Tab: View the created invoice of member

GagaClass - Members 18

12.) Click on the invoice button next to “Member Invoice” to create a new invoice for member

GagaClass - Members 20


a.) Partial payment: Allow member to pay for the partial invoice

b.) Tax: Add in tax for the invoice

c.) Due Date: This is when the invoice is due.

13.) Scroll down to other options

GagaClass - Members 21


a.) Line Items: Add in line items for the invoice

b.) Penalty option: Add in penalty for late payment and when a penalty is applied.

c.) Reward option: Add in reward for early payment and pay sooner to receive reward discount.




*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at


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