Enable Multi-Locations or Multi-Sites

Enable Multi-Locations or Multi-Sites

A.) Setting Account to Support Multi-Locations

First log into the dashboard and go to main settings.

1.) Log into the backend system. Click on “Settings” -> “Main Settings” :


2.) Go to the “Information” Tab:


3.) Scroll down until you see “Business Structure”.


4.) Select “Franchise” or “Corporate” model:


5.)  Then click save:



6.)  Once we have saved and refreshed the page we can see the changes:

Click on the upper right hand corner drop-down near the logo to see that we are currently at our Main Site’s super account:



We can also see at the bottom of the “Information” tab the business structure that is defined for this account:


B.) From WordPress Dashboard

1.) The process is the same as above but we click on the “Settings” icon to access the “Main Settings” page.

2.) Click on Settings Icon -> Go to “Information” Tab

3.) Scroll all the way down to set the Business structure to Corporate or Franchise and click save

4.) Once you have done that close the “Main Settings” page and refresh the page. You will see the multi-locations drop-down list here:



*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at customersuccess@fitsoft.com

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