Dropping a member from a class

Dropping a member from a class

A.) Dropping a member from a class

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Memberships” -> “Enrollment Calendar”:


2.) Click on the second icon which is a person with a minus sign:


3.) Confirm the drop:


3.) Once you have drop your member, there is a crossed out red mark over their picture. You can always add this member back clicking on the second icon again. Note that the second icon is not a person with a plus “+” sign. Also if you look at the class enrollment in the listing for that day it is also switched to “Off” whereas before it was “On” :


4.) Close the dialog page to return to the calendar. Now you will see that the class for that day is greyed out since that class only has 1 member.


5.) If you wish to see which class has enrollment regardless whether they have been dropped then click on the “Active Enrollment” switch. Now that class is now color-coded:


*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at customersuccess@fitsoft.com

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