Creating different calendars and class schedule grouping with tags

Creating different calendars and class schedule grouping with tags

With your current class schedules or new schedules you can now assign to tags.

1.) Log into the backend system. Go to your class scheduling and click on a schedule:


2.) Scroll down until you see the tag setting area. Type in your tags. If you have more than one tag then separate each tag by a comma:


3.) Save it and go to your Calendar and click on the third icon:


4.) You can retrieve your frontend calendar url here. Scroll down and select the tag selection area. Select your tag keyword to retrieve the frontend Urls for the calendar and list of classes page.

If there is no page listed you can go straight to your website page that has the calendar and add a page parameter to the url “?fsgroup={tags}”.



5.) This is the frontend example of the tag “climbing” retrieving the class assigned to it:


You can add in a list of tags to each class schedule.
a.) For example you can tag one class schedule with: adult,outdoor,volleyball
b.) And another with: kids,outdoor
c.) and have the calendar page shows only kids schedule with url parameter : “?fsgroup=kids”
d.) to show both class schedules you would use url parameter: “?fsgroup=outdoor” or “?fsgroup=kids,adult”

*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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