Creating a monthly membership

Creating a monthly membership

A.) Creating a basic monthly membership

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Memberships” -> “Manage Memberships.”


1.) Click on the circle plus “+” icon:


3.) An add membership page will open. Click on “Basic Membership” tab and fill out the monthly pass information and save it:


4.) Click save and it will close the page. You will see your Monthly Pass:


*Several things to keep in mind. The basic monthly or annual pass include all classes.  If you add in more classes in the future please click on the pencil icon and update your monthly or annual pass to include these new classes.

B.) Creating an advance monthly membership

1.) If we click on the add button, circle plus “+” icon on the upper right hand side, from our “Manage Membership page”:


2.) Membership add page will open. Click on the “Advanced Membership” tab and select “Recurring Payment” with 30 days and number of recurring payments 12. This is a custom monthly 1 year membership (12 recurring payments for 30 days is a 1 year membership):


3.) For select a class. This selection has become optional. For this step we can just leave it blank and not apply any class to it.

4.) Close the dialog page and the added monthly membership will appear in the list:


*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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