Creating a group membership for private enrollment

Creating a group membership for private enrollment

A.) Creating a group membership for private enrollment

1.) Log into the backend system. Click on “Memberships” on the left hand navigation menu -> “Manage Memberships” .

2.) Click on the add plus icon:


***Note that you have already set up your private class & its private class schedule when creating this. Also make sure that the class type does not contain both private and non-private class schedules and “Only Private class schedule(s)” when packaging this membership (To do this create a new class type and assign only private class schedule to the class type as illustrated here).

3.) Fill in the membership information



4.) Select the private class that has the private schedule:



5) Click “Hide on Website”:



6.) Select on “Family Package” and Enter the number of members:



B.) Adding Member to Private Group Membership:


7.) Go to the added member (main account holder) and click on the “add class/membership” icon:



8.) A membership page will open. Select the added private membership:



9.) Select the type of payment:


10.) If you have other payment setup, you can select others:



C.) Adding  New Member to Main Account’s Group Membership:


11.) Go back or search for the member and expand their membership details:



12.) Click on the family icon:



13.) Add in the new member’s email address. This will create a new account for this member and send them a password:


14.) The new account added and it should be at the top of your member listing page.

*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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