Applying Charge-Later on a class for a member

Applying Charge-Later on a class for a member

A.) Applying Charge-Later on a class for a member

1.) Log into your backend system and navigate to “Memberships” -> “Manage Members.”


2.) Scroll to your member and then click on the second “Add membership” icon:



3.) This will open up the class membership signup page. Click on the top right hand corner (user icon with “gear”). This is the extra options for pro-rate and charge later settings:


4.) The in-page dialog will appear with a dropdown:


5.) The “mickey mouse” appearance dialog has a dragg-able corner. Drag this to the side.


6.) Select a Class from “Choose One Class” and its schedule. :


7.)  In the extra setting options dialog select “Charge Later”. Here are the definition for each fields:

Membership Started/Charge Date: This is the date that the membership will start/charge on.

Override Current Price: This is your custom price that you wish to override the default pricing for this member.

***Pricing override will override the default pricing of the membership. Even it an auto-renew membership the pricing will be the overridden pricing.


8.) Click Apply to apply the charge-later pricing.

9.) After the charge-later has been applied, there is the summary of it in the “Status” area:


You can always reset and do it over by clicking on the “Reset” button and apply another charge-later.

10.) Proceed to checkout by paying with the selected form of payments:

*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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