Adding an Invoice Line Item

Adding an Invoice Line Item:

1.) For the invoice click on the second icon:

creating an invoice template-17

2.) This should open up the edit page. Scroll down to line item:

creating an invoice template-18

3.) ****Click on the Edit Line Item(s) button:

creating an invoice template-21

4.) Then click on the plus icon:

creating an invoice template-19

5.) A line item addition page should open. Fill out the information:

creating an invoice template-22

6.) Close the line item addition page. Since there is a new category created, there is a second grouping for the line item(s):

creating an invoice template-23

7.) Each line item can updated by click on the second icon “˅” icon to expand the information of the line item for editing:

creating an invoice template-24

8.) We can add in more line items under category “Special Session”:

Add in line item “Morning Session”:

creating an invoice template-25

9.)  Special Session line items added to invoice:

creating an invoice template-28


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