Adding a Location

Adding a Location

A.) Adding a Location

1.) Log into the backend system. Click on “Locations” :


2.) Click on the plus icon:


3.) Fill out site’s information:


4.) Scroll down and fill out the rest of the information:

This is the credential you will need to make note (for the admin of this location to log into or setup their plugin):


This is whether this location will transact payment using your main account merchant account. “No” to not allow location to set up their own merchant account and to use the main site:


5.) Click “Save” button and wait patiently for this location to be set up:


6.) Once that is completed you will see a confirmation page.

Close the page to see a new location added to your list:



B.) From WordPress Dashboard

1.) The process is the same as above but we click on the side icon to open up a list of features. Click on “Locations”:


2.) Click on “Add Location”


3.) A page will open. Fill out the information:



*If you have any questions on technical questions you can contact support at

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